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2020 Puppies are ALL SOLD

Nov 2019

Kelz Pugz had a rough 2018 puppy drought followed by a tough 2019. We have retired a few great girls (Millie & Veruca) and lost a few friends along the year, (Whisper, Kodak, Gere & others) It's been emotionaly draining and taxing on my soul, but I think it has allowed me to refocus. With this in mind we will likely have less pups available than ever before. My goal has always been to have a small pack of truely loved and properly cared for pugs. Shown only in the ring for it's true purpose of the sport.(some will completely understand that statements, while others will be clueless & that's OK) If you are completely set on purchasing a puppy from a breeder who truely loves her dogs, is honest, and wants only the very best, feel free to drop us a line. ​ 

Thank you for your interest in my pugz!