Kelz Pugz Deposit Agreement

Buyers Name:________________________________________________________

City:__________________________State:________________Zip Code:_________
Phone number:_______________________________
Puppy price:____$ 2000.00_________
Deposit intended for:_____Female Pup  _____Male Pup
Color of Pup:_______Fawn  _______Black
Puppy from next available litter:_________________________
A deposit of $ 500.00 is being sent to be applied to the total price as stated above for an AKC registerable pug puppy as described above.
It has been mutually agreed by the breeder and buyer that the puppy will be held until 12 weeks of age. The breeder reserves the right to refuse the sale and refund any deposits made by the buyer if the breeder feels the buyer is not a suitable home. If the above described puppy should die before it is obtained by the buyer, the buyer has the right to a full refund of deposit sent or move their deposit to a future litter.
Deposits will be refunded within 4 weeks once requested. I have read the above, understand and I am in agreement with this deposit agreement.
Deposits may be made via check to: Kelly Maurer or paypal to