​A Star is born... and then a star fades

We lost Gere sometime in spring of 2019. I'm not exactly sure when he died, as he was with a Handler who failed to ever even contact me. She claims she sent me an necropsy and letter telling me how distraught she and her family was over his death, which I find to be complete bullshit. I never received such necropsy nor did I get a letter. Only after I placed a post on facebook did the coward message me via FB to make such claims that this letter was sent and report. To this day, I have yet to receive anything from her. I had been advised I maybe brought up on "ethics" by PCDA for my post only to realize that person was only on the lookout for their self, because they "don't like drama". Wish I never took it down.  And then the "handler claimed Gere had a heart condition...if that was the case, even more reason to inform me as it would effect not only me, but others who have littermates  and siblings to Gere.  To the offending parties, you have only one to answer to in the end. My heart is hurt, yes that is true, but you know the truth to your lies. 

We are so proud to announce Gere has finished his AKC championship under the expert handling and conditioning of Mrs. Pam Salomone of Double D's Pugs. Gere quickly hit the show ring running landing his first 4 point major in Louisville, KY, then he turned around and landing 3 more back to back majors in Michigan. He finished his championship with two 4 point majors, two 3 point majors and one single point! He was just a few days over 1 year of age and already a star in the ring. Gere will return home and continue to grow and be a puppy before starting his specials career. His future could not be any brighter!   3/18 update...Gere has been back out in the show ring and has obtained 3 -4 pt majors over champions towards his Grand Champion title. This boy has been so exciting to raise and we are so proud of him!

Ch. Kelz An Officer And A Gentleman



With each passing year, we plan breedings for our next winners, keeping only our very best.  Gere is the son of Kodak & Veruca born in 2016. Pictured here at his first show and winning a 4 point major in Louisville, KY, and still just a baby! We are very pleased with his development and look forward to his future.