Be Slick 9

Black Breasted Hen

Right leg band pink # 9

DOB: Unknown

Kelz Fancy Finches

Below is a hen (female) I am calling "Be Slick 9". She is not a normal colored hen, but she is a Black Breasted Hen. Notice she does not have the eye tear markings, and like the black breasted male , her rump and tail feathers are buff in color. I have a Black breasted cock (male) I will be placing her with and chicks will be available from this pair. Black Breasted are $30 each. And we will start a waiting list as requests come in.

One of my new hobbies, again revolves around animals, but these are lil guys. I have had Zebra Finches as a child and always adored their beeping. My first Zebra finch I remember was a lil normal colored male named "Beeper".

To better get to know each of the lil birdies I got from a fellow finch lover nurse friend of mine, I will list pictures of each with their leg band info, name, color and sex. These birds will be my foundation birds as we chronical our new finch venture.