Lola, Lola, Lola ... she takes the saying "whatever Lola wants, Lola gets" to heart!  She completely believes she is special, and oh special in so many ways she is...for good and bad! In Lola's world, it's all about Lola. Being an only child, and being as adorable as she was,'s all my fault she is what she is today, I ruined her, she is completely spoiled and a total brat! She is the daughter of Mattie aka Kelz Next Top Model (now retired) and Cappi aka GCH Luv'd Captain Morgan who lives in Colorado with another breeder friend of mine. From the time she was a wee bit I knew she was something special and she would be a heck of a show girl, she has gone on to be all that and more. She finished her AKC championship in no time flat with 3 majors then turned around and finished her Grand Champion title as well. She even took a maternity break in there! She is an exceptional example of our breeding program and once retired, she may need to stay here with me for a lifetime. She has fulfilled so many of my dreams that I have strove for in my breeding program as a show dog, breeding mother and pet that just adores me and then to add in the results of her health tests with OFA, she really is everything I want a Kelz pug to be known for. A beautifully bred to AKC standard Pug with health and personality in perfect balance! 6/18 Lola has been retired and living the Queen life she deserves, but watch out her daughter "Tilly The Terror" has been born and will make her debut very soon...and the beat goes on!!!

CHIC # 116779

Lola and I finishing her Championship under respected Judge Dana Kline

GrCh. Kelz For Gold And Glory