Osenniy Jazz Sweet Dream


And then there is Millie!!!  That says it all! She is a bossy, loud mouth, crafty, little buzy body and she thinks she is a goat as you can see from this picture! She is not your average lazy fat pug, but active and has little fear. She would have been a great agility pug if I could get around to training her! Millie is the daughter of a blk male named Kelz True Grit, I exported to Russia some years back. My Russian breeder friends bred him to one of their solid Russian pedigree girls to give us some new bloodlines to play with and they sent me Millie!!! She traces back to several of my foundation dogs including Sterling aka Ch. Bre-Z Manor's Pure Sterling, ROM  and the original Millie or Melody aka Glory's Stardust Melody, ROM. 

Today the generations move forward as we now have a Millie daughter we have kept back named after my first female breeding girl Savannah Sunrise who we always called Vanna!  So now there is a new Vanna aka Kelz VaVa Boom. (and the generations move on)!!!