Our Breeding Program and Retired Family Members

​Our breeding program continues to grow with the goal to produce the finest bred to AKC show standard Pugs, keeping in equal balance and importance their health and happiness. Most of our puppies actually go to pet homes on spay / neuter contracts other than the puppies we elect to keep in our program and show. Show prospect puppies are only sold to established breeders who are breeding for the same goals as our own, or breeders working with an established PDCA Mentor.  You will notice our pugs are truely a family of pugs and many are related to one another, as we work generation to generation. We try to keep only our very best and once here, stay for life. After all they are​ really my little children. I take health as a very serious matter and we have begun CHIC health testing all of our breeding age pugs in an effort to try and truely breed "for the betterment of the breed". We hope you enjoy our site and if you have any questions, please feel free to email or give us a call. 

Welcome to Kelz!  My name is Kelly Maurer and we are located in Western New York.
I have been involved in showing horses, cats and now dogs since I was 7 years old.
I worked in veterinary medicine for 14 years prior to becoming an RN. Today I work as a RN.
I began breeding pugs in 2006 and started showing in 2008.

 Ch. Gifford's Grovin Grover was our first homebred AKC Champion in 2011, finished by his owner Mary Gifford.

​Ch. Kelz The Devine Miss M (aka Mallory) is Grover's litter sister and also finished her AKC Championship. Mallory was exclusively handled by me in the bred by class!


Ch. Apex Accent, another of our breeding was finished 7/7/12

GrCh Kelz Country Cameo completed her championship 8/13  by owner Susan Maetas in Colorado and was Sterling's 6th pup to complete AKC championship title, making him a Pug Dog Club Of America ROM. We are VERY Proud of him.

GrCh.  Kelz For Gold And Glory  aka  "Lola" became our 5th home bred champion with very limited showing in 10/2014.