2020 Puppies are all SOLD

If you are looking to purchase a pug puppy from us, please read the information below. It will hopefully answer many questions.

We only raise AKC registered pugs.

 As of 11/2019 we no longer remove declaws 
Puppies are only released to new owners after they are checked by my Veterinarian.

They are generally on solid food before placed at about 12 weeks of age. Some puppies must stay longer, it all depends on how well they are eating and their development. Every puppy is different.
By this age they have had their Distemper vaccine  and dewormed multiple times.

They are started on Heartgard (Ivermectin/pyrantel)  and monthly flea control (Advantage, Advantix II or Frontline) prior to going to new homes.

All puppies are ID'd with Microchips and sold with a lifetime pre-paid transfer paperwork for their microchips.

You are given a complete health record and folder when you take your puppy home.
Puppies sold as Companion animals, will have limited AKC Registration papers. This means they MUST be spayed or neutered per contract agreement.

 Companion / Pet  puppies are $3000.00 
Cheaper pet puppies can be found in your local newspaper but I'm sure the health testing, pedigree, looks and guarantee will not compare to ours. You get what you pay for.
Show prospects are only available to established show breeders or if you are being mentored by a PDCA Mentor. We only sell puppies with open papers to people  looking to show and breed for the betterment of the breed, not to produce puppies just for the pet market.
Pricing for show prospect puppies is based on many factors and will be determined on a pup by pup basis.


 We only sell puppies to people who understand purchasing a puppy is a lifetime comitment and understand the pug breed. We prefer to meet prospective puppy parents prior to taking their pups, and we do encourage you to come and meet us and our pugs, but understand that is not always possible which is why we ask you to fill out our puppy application.  We only produce at most 24 puppies a year and receive way more inquiry's than that, but we feel the quaility of our dogs and how our pups are raised speak for itself. 


Once puppies have been born we make our adoption application page active and if you are approved to purchase a puppy from us we require a $500.00 deposit that does go towards the total purchase price. Deposits are only refundable per the deposit agreement. 

We plan litters only to produce sound, bred to standard pups. We are currently working to CHIC certify all of our dogs by following health testing recommendations per the Pug Dog Club Of America and using Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) recommendations.


Recommended Health Testing 

The Pug Dog Club of America supports the CHIC registry (Canine Health Information Center) 
and recommends all dogs used for breeding and exhibition be screened for health issues. 
To that end, the PDCA recommends the following tests:

Hip Dysplasia

Luxating Patella

CERF Eye Examination (every 3 years)

Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE) - test for Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis

Our pugs have all been tested at UC Davis for NME AKA PDE and we only do "safe" breedings. More information on this can be found by clicking on the banner below:

It is also important to inquire how inbred a puppy is. You should inquire with the breeder what the Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) is for a given litter. This is a number where the higher the number, the more inbred the litter is.  Currently the breed average COI is 6.2%. Puppies with a COI over 12.5% should be avoided.  It is generally accepted that a COI is based off a 5 Generation pedigree, even better 10 generation. My database is currently allowing me to run COI percents on 5-6 generations, as I enter more pedigree's I should be able to run 10 gen COI.

Our dogs and puppies are proudly raised on Fromm.

All puppies are sold with a written Guarantee in accordance with the New York State General Business Law Article 35-D Sale of Dogs and Cats, and a contract.

Thank You for your interest in my Pug kids!

Purchasing a Kelz Puppy